Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you rent your property to family or friends.   Do they need to sign a tenancy agreement? Yes, yes, and yes again! They might be family, but they’re also your tenants and both parti... read more »
What impact do constant scrolling and swiping have on your ability to focus, reflect, and connect? A two-minute read.   If you can’t read two pages of a book without getting twitchy or struggle to go for an hour without checking social m... read more »
When a tenant gets in touch, don’t faff about – a prompt response will save you time and money in the long run. A three-minute read.   Picture this: you’re frantically busy at work, scrambling to meet an urgent deadline when ... read more »
When they run smoothly, joint tenancies can be a good source of income for landlords. This three-minute read explains how to get the best out of them.   Joint tenancies are a great way for friends or couples to live together and share the rent... read more »
This two-minute read details a five-point plan to help landlords manage their maintenance responsibilities.    There’s no quick fix when it comes to maintenance and repairs; to avoid stressful and costly tenant disputes, landlords n... read more »
Don’t make the rookie mistake of cutting corners with reference checks – it’s a sure-fire way to wind up with a nightmare tenant. A three-minute read.   When it comes to tenant selection, there’s a saying that all landl... read more »
This two-minute read looks at why landlords end tenancies and the issues and implications around taking such a step.   From toxic tenants to financial friction – there are many reasons why a landlord might want to end a tenancy.   ... read more »
Calling all landlords! Have you checked your buy-to-let properties Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating lately?   No?   Unfortunately, there have been some legal changes that might mean you’ve got some work to do (and ... read more »
This three-minute read looks at the changing rental market and what it means for landlords.   With the rental market changing enormously over the past decade, savvy landlords need to stay on their toes to make the most of their investment. &n... read more »
A three-minute must-read if you’re a landlord considering selling.   It’s often thought that being a landlord is easy: buy a property, rent it out, and hey presto! You’re all set. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple, ... read more »
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